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Accounting- beginning entrepreneurs

This week’s topic for our Achievement Planner’s school is Accounting.  We only have two hours with these kids, and although they are great listeners, I realize that means twenty minutes of attention.  There are all sorts of quotes and advice on leadership.  There are cool power points on marketing and advertising, the power of words,,,,,etc,.   Any suggestions for accounting?  This is not usually a “fun” topic, yet I feel good accounting techniques and practices are essential to the success of a business.  How do I keep this exciting for 12-18 year olds?

For those of you who are new to this blog, Achievement Planner is a free entrepreneurial school we set up in rural Blue Mound Kansas.     This south-eastern area of Kansas is losing its population to advances in agricultural machinery and opportunities in Kansas City and elsewhere.  We feel the youth are a key resource in bringing back prosperity and growth to our area and we are trying to reach the kids with positive lessons on business and entrepreneurship.   We are sponsoring a Top Business Plan contest and are offering them free help sessions each week.

I told one of the kids who did not have an idea that writing a blog is a good place to find inspiration. I decided to take my own advice and reach out to all of you who have great ideas…,..  any time you have a cool tool, power point, video or quote you would like me to pass on…please send it.

I wish to pass on the brain power to these youths..